About Us

Our enterprise was founded in 1977 and it was born under the initiative of a group of people who had decided at first to produce aluminium base deoxidants and alloys to be used in iron and steel industries and also in home electrical appliances, self-propelled industries, aeronautics, etc.

In 1985 the enterprise established itself in an area of 2 hectares with a 3600 m2 covered surface where specialists and experts on the subject joined the Staff Company succeeding in doubling the production.

At the beginning of the 90' the enterprise was restructured and expanded its production, coming on market through the aluminium extrusion. With this aim in view, it acquired an extrusion press, which was supplied with aluminium billets produced by new casting methods, such as scale furnaces, spectrometric control, etc.

In search of increasing its production, by the end of 1999 it had also included semicontinous casting systems and a high capacity new press.

Nowadays and with almost 30 years of experience we feel proud of having done the best of us to satisfy our clients and our progressing needs.


We are an industry dedicated to the aluminium manufacturing in assorted ways, such as: ingots, aluminium base alloys according to required needs, billets, granulated material, standard sections and designs on request.

From the beginning we went forward following as principal aims: the continuous quality improvement of our products, the efficiency of the given service and the environment commitment, which can be summed up in the total satisfaction of our extendable client portfolio. All this can only be achieved investing on technology and counting on a talented devotee and appropriate training staff, which is eager for doing things well.

Our work philosophy consist in focusing on doing things the best we can, following from all this, an excellent capital investment in way and time for our clients.

FEXA is an Argentinian enterprise but with share in the international market, which ratifies the competitiveness reached by our products. We are genuine work sources generators who promote in this way the regional development and therefore the national one.

In FEXA we are trained and anxious to offer you our experience developing solutions in proportion to your needs and projects.


In the recent XXI century we have a no end of goals that have been carried out and innumerable objectives to be reached. Through a tireless effort we have achieved to be a model enterprise and to carry out our aim of obtaining through the aluminium scrap extraction, international quality materials for steel and iron industrial use.

Among our aim objectives we stand out the following ones:

  • To keep the whole satisfaction of our clients.
  • To increase the added value of our products.
  • To reach the highest quality and technological levels.
  • To reduce the production costs.
  • To minimise the environmental impact generated.